Grigorіy Kosar

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Grigorіy Kosar (Ukrainian: Григо́рій Коса́р) (1967 - 1918) – true pastor Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Grigorіy Kosar was born 19 March 1867 in the village of Pakoszowka (then Austria-Hungary, now Poland), of the Lemko Region in the family of a local Mayor Alexander (Alex) Kosar (1828 - 1889) and Margaret (née Kuchma) (1835 - 1904).

Grigorіy Kosar went to school in Sanok, then in Przemyśl and Lviv in the German school, then to theology in Przemyśl and graduated from the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary in Lviv.

After ordination, he went to the vicar at the Wojtkowa, went on to Catechists in the Sanok. Then moved to Lviv Eparchy (Harbuziv, Chystopady, Ratyshchi.

Then the Grigorіy Kosar went to the Village Bilyi Kamin, and after one year to the Buzhok.

Gathering of material about Grigorіy Kosar sacrificial life engaged in mission the Postulation Center for the Beatification and Canonization of Saints of the UGCC.

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