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Lavochne (Ukrainian: Лавочне) is a village (selo) in Skole Raion, Lviv Oblast (province) of Western Ukraine (until 1959 belonged to Drohobych Oblast).
The population of village is 1198 persons and local government is administered by Lavochnenska village council.


The village is located along the railway line Lviv - Chop. Railway line Mukachevo - Svalyava - Lavochne was constructed in 1881. Later railway line was been continued before Stryi and Lviv.
At a highway road have at a distance of 146 kilometres (91 mi) from the regional center Lviv, 41 kilometres (25 mi) from the district center Skole and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the urban village Slavske.


The first written mention of the village refers to 1591.
There is an interesting version of the origin name of the village Lavochne. In order to cross the river been stacked wood benches (lavka, лавки (Ukrainian)).

Cult constructions and religion

In the village has been one monument of architecture of Skole Raion (Skole district) – Church of St. Michael (wooden), 1907 (1415 / 1).
July 10, 2012 a wooden church has been burned down. In its place have built a second church - also wooden.

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