Plav'ye (Skole Raion)

09.05.2014 19:02

Plav'ye (Ukrainian: Плав'є ) is a village (selo) in Skole Raion, Lviv Oblast, in western Ukraine (until 1959 belonged to Drohobych Oblast ( )).

The village Plav'ye  is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians within the limits the Eastern Beskids in southern Lviv Oblast in Skole Raion.

Remotely from the of Lviv on 132 km, from Skole - 26 km.

The village surrounded by a on the west mountain range Dovzhky (998 - 1056 m), in the north - Ostrog (1003 m), in the east - mountain Horby (863 m), and south mountain Kolyska (867 m).

This village is located on the altitude of 650 m above sea level, which forms the here mountain climate. 

The settlement takes the form of a horseshoethat formed as a result confluence of two rivers (Brynivka and Vadrusivka).

With of folk legends known that Plav'ye was founded in 1523. For the first time in writing referred to as "Splav'ye".

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