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Ratyshchi (Ukrainian: Ратищі; Polish: Ratyszcze) is a village (selo) in the Zboriv Raion, Ternopil Oblast (province in western Ukraine).
Local government — Ratyshchivska village council. Unto her is subordinated to the village Pishchane. The village is situated on the banks of the Seret River which is the left tributary of the Dniester.
Village Ratyshchi distant from the administrative center of Ternopil 45 kilometres (28 mi), from Zboriv — 32 kilometres (20 mi), and from Lviv — 102 kilometres (63 mi).
The first written record dates from the 12th century.

The upcoming priest Anthony Kosar was born in the village Ratyshchi April 13, 1912.

The priest Anthony Kosar (1912 - 1977) was in the parishes of the villages of Stare Misto (Pidhaitsi Raion), Khashchovania and Plavie (Skole Raion).

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